John Chritton, Founder of Microbiz Security Company

Sally Chritton, Founder of Microbiz Security Company

Microbiz was founded by John and Sally Chritton in 1965.  John was the outside sales and ran the office while Sally managed the finances, investing, insurance and HR.

Microbiz started out in the Microfilm processing industry providing sales and service of Microfilm equipment to banks and financial institutions.  During the 1970’s Microbiz sold Microcheck equipment to check cashing companies and security cameras to banks.   The bank cameras recorded by means of on-board 16mm and 35mm film!   In the mid-1980’s, as film was being rendered obsolete by new technology, Microbiz was among the first to use analog video surveillance cameras and video recorders (TLR) while attracting a broader customer base.  As Film and processing became obsolete, Microbiz branched out into intrusion and access control to meet the demand for consolidated security solutions and continually integrate the most up-to-date and proven technologies to remain in the forefront of the security industry. Microbiz current technology caters to large buildings, Destination dispatch, input and output card access data and integration to other technologies.